You're great at what you do. But...

You dread having to prove you're great for this job through a computer.

I'm great in person.

I get it. It doesn't matter if your on Teams, or Meet, or Zoom. The platform can change, but the challenges in those little rectangles are all the same.

  • You don't like looking at yourself.
  • You get nervous when it's your turn to talk
  • People have trouble seeing or hearing you.
  • You're not sure what the best background is.
  • It all feels so fake.

It is so hard to FEEL GOOD at an interview when the format makes it feel bad.

I get you! I have helped amazing people (just like you!) all around the world turn that little rectangle into a beautiful portal of professional connection.

So just like them, I want you to picture yourself on a videoconference. But this time...

  • It feels easy.
  • You are comfortable in your space.
  • You are proud of yourself on camera.
  • Everyone can see and hear you well.
  • You bring your authentic self. And it feels good.

Wait a this...*gasp*...FUN???

This fantasy could be your reality with

LEVEL UP Video Interviews!

What You'll Learn

Hollywood acting coach Jessica Payne guides you through the techniques she has used to help actors, executives, and entrepreneurs look polished and feel comfortable on camera.

Set yourself up for success by making the most of your location, technology, lighting, and sound.

Learn the secrets to:

  • Upgrade your setup for free
  • Look better on camera
  • Sound crisp and clear
  • Connect authentically
  • Dial in your tech to look and sound professional
  • Succeed across formats (Zoom, Meet, Teams, etc.)

This class is specific and encouraging. It is broken into small sections by topics with easy action steps. Start building clarity and confidence in front of a camera now!


Clarify the specifics of your personal circumstances and goals to present yourself confidently.


Create a filming setup that you love with flattering lighting. Find an eye line that reinforces confidence and connection. Learn how to adjust wardrobe and your background to communicate intent and tone.


Speak with open resonance and clear diction. Optimize your audio input and output for crisp sound.

What You'll Get with

LEVEL UP Video Interviews:


The course is composed of 5 modules with 30+ minutes of short, topic-specific videos that break down the process of preparing for your best video interview using techniques from Hollywood. [VALUE: $500]
  • INTRO: Welcome & Overview
  • Mental - Preparation and Specificity
  • Visual - Location and Tech
  • Vocal - Clarity and Confidence

Wrap-Up & Next Steps

Choose a Level-Up Package

Jessica's Bio

Jessica Payne created Kika Labs to merge her experience in the corporate, higher education, and entertainment worlds:

  • Performance coach for executives and entrepreneurs
  • Corporate work in Tech, Private Equity, Start-Ups, NGO, Non-Profit, Government
  • Acting coach for Film & TV actors
  • Acting and Directing Professor at the American Musical Dramatic Academy in Hollywood 
  • Performed in TV, Film, Radio, and internationally with Tony-Award winning teams
  • MFA in Acting
  • Experience with neurodivergent learners with ADHD and Autism, and students of all ages
  • Diversity and LGBTQIA+ Sensitivity Training
  • Living Liver Donor

Jessica loves applying wisdom from one sector to another to help smart and kind professionals like you!


  • What’s the time commitment? Short! There are just over 30 minutes worth of video content. Though everyone moves at their own pace, this course usually takes around 1-3 hours to take, review, and implement.
  • What if I don't have any special equipment? That's okay! All you need to watch the video and implement the steps is internet access and a webcam. You could take the course and implement the techniques all with a desktop and webcam, a laptop, an iPad or tablet, or even a smartphone!
  • What if I don't want to buy lights or audio equipment? That's great! No additional purchases are required. You'll learn techniques to make the best of what you have.
  • I know the basics. Am I going to learn anything new? Probably definitely! If you think you could look better, sound better, or feel better in your next video interview then this course will have practical suggestions to help. Do you want to feel more confident on camera or have more detailed questions about leveling up your on-camera game? Maybe a 1-on-1 coaching session is the perfect fit for you, so reach out at [email protected]!
  • What if I hate the way I look on camera, is this worth it? Yes! First of all, I think you're beautiful/handsome/dashing/gorgeous. AND you'll get a few basic techniques that the pros are using to utilize lighting, angles, and wardrobe choices to present your best self on camera.
  • Do I have to look all fake and Hollywood? No! You are encouraged to be yourself at every step. You can adjust these principals for interviews that are formal, business casual, or for specialty fields. But you will always look and feel your best on camera when you feel like yourself!
  • What if I need more help? Follow Kika Labs for further On-Camera courses, or look into 1-on-1 coaching for individual attention. Visit or email [email protected] for more information.
  • I have ADHD, Autism, or Dyslexia. Could this training work for me? Yes! These principals have already benefitted dozens of neurodiverse clients. They are short, on one topic at a time, and employ multiple learning styles. You can add subtitles, take notes, and change the speed within the video player.
  • Is this worth it? Probably definitely! Hiring managers are making quick decisions based on your presentation and professionalism. The investment to improve your interview could have huge career benefits.
  • I am too old/a Luddite/overwhelmed. Will this work for me? Yes! The lessons are broken into small bite-sized pieces that you can review and play back as many times as you need. Or reach out for 1-on-1 coaching for a more individual approach.
  • What if I don’t have what it takes? You totally have what it takes! I BELIEVE IN YOU. I believe that if you do all of the work in this course you will LEVEL UP Video Interviews. And I believe in it so much, this course comes with a 14-day Money Back Guarantee!
  • What if I have a very specific question? Email [email protected]!


I'm so confident you're going to LOVE the results you get from LEVEL UP Video Interviews that it comes with a 14-day, money back guarantee.

If you complete the course and apply the principals here but don't see results I'll refund ALL your money. Not only is this program a great value, it's RISK-FREE.

These techniques have worked for hundreds of clients like you, and I am so confident it'll work for you I guarantee it.